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Derealization disorder? Depersonalizaion disorder?

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Hello, my name is Ryan and i suffer from generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, social phobia's, a case of bipolar and depression. I have been suffering from those for about 3 years now. Just recently Ive been going though alot, and did marijuana a few times (3-4 times), but stopped after having a bad trip. Its been approximately 8 days since i stopped. I figured out that marijuana is not my thing.

Im almost 17 years old, im very physically active (i workout 5 days a week), and i have a ok diet considering im a teenager. I stopped taking anti depressants about a year ago because the doctors said i had everything under control to the best of my ability.

However, things have been different in the past 2-3 days. It started with mild "out of body" experiences and has developed into a constant feeling of not being with my body. Its difficult to explain, however i will do my best to list all symptoms associated with the recent feelings.

Extreme worry of my heart stopping
Feeling as if there is glass or a layer between me and everything i see/touch
a hard time staying still
stronger, more intense anxiety attacks that last hours
feeling as if my mind, and my body are disconnected
Feeling as if nothing is real
Feeling as if im going crazy (not a new symptom it just has gotten stronger)
extreme numbness (also not a new symptom just far worse)
having a hard time focusing/concentrating
difficulty remembering what i have to do
everything feels new, or a deja voo feeling
feeling as if nothing is real, or if i make a mistake nothing will go wrong
body senses feel, fake or i dont believe they are real
inability to calm down

Along with those, my depression has intensified and anxiety attacks are uncontrollable. im asking if anybody can explain in detail what could be wrong with me
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replied November 21st, 2009
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Hi noelan550,

Thank you for writing to us. You are 17 and have a good chance of turning your life around on a positive course. The feeling you are experiencing are probably withdrawls from the drug usage. My advice to you would be this, there is no magical pill or herb to adapt, adjust or stop life from its highs, lows, good or bad. Those of us who are over l7 have all had our share of unplesantness in life. We all have or have had bouts with depression and low self esteem, this you deal with in time with patience, preservance, determination and going deep inside and finding that inner strengeth. Is it easy, absolutely not, is it possible, you bet it is. You have to put forth a sincere effort to master this but it can be done. You are not crazy, you are just overwhelmed with trying to find your place and purpose in this world. I commend you for giving up the pot and getting off the anti depressant drugs, you can use your inner strengeth to heal yourself, if you just believe in yourself and say, "I Think I Can, I Think I Can, I Know I Can". I believe in you, do you?

God Bless You,

Faded Rose
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