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Depression... this possible baby has saved me from myself

Im 17 and I'm clinically depressed, I've been struggling with depression since I was about 11 or maybe 10 and finally started getting help when my mother found me almost dead. Which was about two years ago. I stopped taking my mess when I thought I could be pregnant. Since I've thought there could be this possibility I've been truthfully happy, this possible baby has saved me from myself, I found out in four days if I am pregnant or not.
If I'm not I think I'm going to crash and be more depressed then before, and ways to help and be happy?
And if I am, should I stop taking my pills to make sure the baby is safe?
Thank you.
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replied April 23rd, 2012
Don't give up
Every one has a limit, and I think you are getting close to reaching it.
Think of your life as a glass. Some people have bigger ones than others. Once your level of stress in the glass reaches a point that you cannot handle. IT WILL OVERFLOW!!!
You seem to have a lot to go through and at your tender age need to think what is best for you now.
If you are not pregnant don't think of it as a loss as you need to work on your education and making a life for yourself that could support a child in the future.
I have suffered from depression since I had a breakdown @ 13 years old and then lots of other problems so far for my life since.
I am now 38 and now have kids which made my life complete but not until I was a lot older than 17.
Reply to me if you want to chat a bit more.
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