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know somebody who is chronically angry and repeats reasons over and over again...gets vicious...threatens physical abuse. smokes pot A LOT for many years and drinks far too much to point where it is embarrassing to be around...some anger is justified but the events happened +15 y ago..there is a lot to be angry about but the explosive nature of anger is what is most worrisome...sometimes s/he can be funny but it usually escalates to self deprecation or lashing out at others...very stressful to be around...
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replied February 21st, 2012
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This sounds to me like someone who has a lot of unresolved issues and struggles to cope with their emotions on a daily basis. They seek to mask or deny their emotions through drugs and alcohol but neither of those things are solutions to any problem.

This sounds to me like a person who needs counselling. You mention that something happened 15yrs ago and this could be highly relevant. If something happens in a person's life, particularly at a key stage in their life, then it can remain unresolved without limitation. Whilst you would think that most things can be processed and resolved in 15yrs it is often dependent on whether that person has ever had the proper support and/or guidance.

If we learn to do something wrong, and nobody ever shows us how to do it right, then we might well be doing it wrong for the rest of our lives. Life doesn't come with a handbook and we will inevitably encounter certain things that we don't have the knowledge or training to deal with. That is when we need help. Your friend needs that help, but she has to WANT it and she will have to ASK for it.

She sounds far from happy and that, if anything, is the most likely key to getting her to seek help. If she can be made to realise that her life doesn't have to be this way then she might just take a chance on trying to find a better life.
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