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Hi I am here to talk about my lengthy history of depression. I've had some mild depression for a time span now of maybe 3 years. I've been unable to do most of the things I'd like to do just out of lack of interest in those activities or unwillingness to even get myself to do some of the things I used to enjoy. Even the little things like listening to old music bands, watching a funny movie, or even shooting basketball hoops with a good friend of mine isn't doing it for me anymore.

I'm doing fine in other areas of life, but just not with depression. I can get through the daytime okay, but when night comes around I experience much more sadness when the sun is down. I don't have Sundowner's and have no history of alzheimer's or dementia, but I'm just somehow who's had a lingering sense of sadness that just started at a time in my life when I was maybe 18 or so and that hasn't really gone away for several years. I'm coping best by trying to stay busy and not sleep too much > 8hrs

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