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Depression pattern ?

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Bipolar is difficult to diagnose as an illness ... but bipolar symptoms are usually accompanied by extreme changes. What are the symptoms of bipolar disorder?... im new here...
i actually wanted to ask you what you all thought about my condition as i am unsure as to whether i have bipolar. I have already been diagnosed with depression and i take medication for this but i have been noticing lately that i seem to have a pattern of which i feel fine..and then a week later i feel so depressed-but i dont just go to feeling upset, i feel suicidal, attempt suicide, withdraw myself from social stuff etc-so its not like i just get a bit upset for a couple of days........i also get really paranoid that all my friends hate me ...which i blame myself for because i feel its my fault, and that i hate myself as much as they hate me.....

i would be so so grateful if any of you could give me some advice as to what you think
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replied August 20th, 2009
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Brooklyn first let me commend you on taking the time to seek some counsel. That's really awesome of you! Smile Let me ask you a few questions, do you have racing thoghts where you're jumping from one topic to another? Are your finances in order? Do you have sudden emotional outbursts? How are you feeling as far as your sex drive goes? Are you wanting to have sex all the time with whomever and whenever? Are you agressive and intrusive into other persons business? You may want to examine these questions and then go from there. What you have described are in fact traits of bipolar disorder, but I'm not a professional so I'm just wondering if it's schizophrenia. I would most definitely consult a health care provider and also a counselor and go from there. But props to you for wanting to get help! I so respect that choice!
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