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Depression over friends

I have depression over basically a lack of friends since most of the friends I trusted just stabbed me in the back. Due to that, I have hesitated to talk to anyone I ever considered as a friend because I realized something. These so called "friends" never last in this world. Its hard to even find people who will be there through everything anymore so honestly whats the point? I've tried countless times but I failed miserably and its nobodys fault but mine. I just refuse to talk to any "friends" or to even make any "friends".
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replied August 5th, 2017
Hi loonz
Ur not alone feeling this way ..i dont have any friends after i had many years ago but i felt that they were not there when i was in need for someone or maybe they tried but not the way i want .. right now whenever someone trysto become friend withme i just runaway and give excuse just to be alone .
I think this is not normal but i cant help it.
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