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I am 25 yrs old i have 3 children and a boyfriend.I feel like sometimes i just wanna run away and cry all the time and then there are times where i just wanna hurt my boyfriend.I feel tired all the time.I have a really hard time remembering things like for example .... I cant remember what i did yesterday or even last week!!Sometimes I am cool one minute and the next im screaming about something.I really dont like to go and socialize with people but I cant be alone.I get so out of breath sometimes that i have to take my asthma medicine.I need help finding out whats wrong with me. What kind of doctor do I go see and what can i do to make all this go away and feel normal!! I tell me Primary care physician and she tells me "dont worry you"ll be fine".I really dont believe her.If anyone can help me it would be great.
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replied October 18th, 2009
from your picture it looks like you may have a small child running around along with 2 others.
First off congrats on the children and second you are going to be FINE!
Have you ever heard of Post Partrom Depression?
Did you ever have that after your children's births?
Its most common in women and can easily be reversed with the right medication.
As for your out bursts... you have to remember YOU HAVE 3 CHILDREN mommy! And a boyfriend!
Raising 1 child can be stressful for a person.
And our men can do more harm than good sometimes.
My suggestion is you go see another doctor who can better understand your concern.
If you are having any feelings of dispair than they need to be addressed.
You shouldnt have to suffer alone. There are soo many people out there just like you.
If you can find someone to watch your children, then schedule an appointment with a therapist in your area. They will evaulate you and refer you to the proper doctor.
Sometimes just talking to a person, a stranger even will help that weight be lifted off your shoulders.
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