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depression mixed with chronic health problems or something else?

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My granny died of a miocardiac heart attack at 64, produced by the water from the congestive heart disease, but she had a huge depression as well for 3 years, after my grandpa died. She didn't want to take any pills, was hiding them from my mother and wanted to die....she was also aggressive towards the woman we hired to make sure she takes her pills. She even had a mild stroke at one point and she had a paresis on her upper lip.

She was scared that someone will break into her house....... and at one point also, she came to visit us and was in a very bad mood still because of grandpa, and she stood up at one point, left the room with no explanation........and then she came back without saying anything. This was seen just once.

She didn't have memory problems, although in the very end, before she died, she didn't my mention my little nephew, and she was asking all the time about him before........but she always asked about my mother, sister, me, etc.........

A year before she died in a neuropshyciatric hospital she was just eating, sleeping and watching TV, she had no interest to live. While she didn't abandon the pills completely, she had one period when she was better, and when the will to live returned in some way (even though she was still not the same as when grandpa was alive), but when she decided to abandon them, her health deteriorated.

Before she died of a heart attack, it didn't look like she will die at all. But if she was taking the pills she would still be alive.

Now, I am interested to know, if these are the symptoms of depression or something else in the background in her? Is it common for them to....wander around at some point if the depression is huge, and MAYBE forget to ask about a family member who was 2 years old at that time (but ask for the others)?

Oh yeah, and her mother also had problems with nerves when she died (and with heart), but she was 72 when she died, she was older than my granny.
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replied February 27th, 2012
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No. The symptoms and actions you describe are not common to depression. A couple are but that's fairly normal with someone of age.

Some of us do just lose interest in life as we age, our partners and friends die and we are left feeling there is no one worth living for.

It's not true of course as a person of any age can mix with anybody if they have a good attitude.

I suspect your question is more about if you will suffer the same fate as her and her mother.

Depression can be genetic, about 1/3rd but the rest are environmental, or reactions to things that happen in our lives.

If we are raised by depressed parents it is likely we will learn their depressed habits but that is not genetic.

Regardless of how we get it, the treatment is the same and works on both groups equally. So thew genetic factor does not matter in that way. What's important is catching it and having it treated as early as possible.
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