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depression is taking over

ok i guess i should tell you my story

when i was 8 i was in a car accident that killed my sister and left my dad severly brain damaged.

i was ok for a few years after but then things got bad.

i was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and i had eating disorders.

now i feel as though my depression is at its worst. i take anti-derpessants and they worked at first but i dont think they are anymore. ive been on them for 18 months

i went to see my doctor and she has reffered me on to other doctors but i just dont feel like anyhting could help.

im starting to over react at tiny things. for example my friend got a new boyfriend and we usually spend most of our time together but now she hangs out with him and that makes me really really upset even though i know its dumb.

i have really bad mood swings.

i really just dont know what to do anymore.

i feel sick all the time and i cry a lot.

anyone know of anything that could make me feel better?

any support is greatly appreciated
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replied June 21st, 2009
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There are alot of medications that you could be taking. Zoloft is good for depression. Maybe you will get better, it just takes time and patience.
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replied June 22nd, 2009
i was on prozac and it made me feel like a zombie for a few weeks then it lost it's effect.
you might need a higher dose, or changed to something different. request this from your therapist, be persistent because sometimes they dont take you serious.
i suffered from years and years of physical, mental abuse this is where my depression comes from. i get anxiety attacks when i get upset but they dont last long. so i know how you feel.
when my friend of 10 years started dating, and is now married to, stop spending time with me i was upset, but i understood.
your feelings arent dumb, you are human just like very one else.
i want you to be strong and think positive.
i go to a support group, and i try to surround myself with positive people. if there is anyone in your life that is negative, and make you feel bad, you have to let them go.
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