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Depression, hard to live without my family members

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I am a college student and I live alone with my mom.My sister is in other city and my father is working in foreign country.I suffer alot from depression and anxiety.It's hard to live without my family members,not seeing their faces for over six months.I live in a country where somehow women do not have the equal rights as men do.Being a girl it's quite hard for me to live on my own.seeing others spending time with their dads always makes me sad.And now I suffer from depression.There are other things as well for the cause of my depression such as being overweight,having no friends and not that "perfect" person that everyone wants to be.I sometimes feel completely hopeless.The biggest reason is that I am living without my dad and my sister but I really don't have anyone to share my feelings with.My mom becomes completely emotional everytime so it is my duty to act as a strong girl who can handle every situation and try not to cry.But it is hard for me and now I can't focus on anything,my studies,friendships,hopes or life.i struggle everyday.I do my best in college but still not that "shining student" due to lack of confidence.Nobody likes me and I got bullied over my weight by everyone including so-called friends,family members and even my teachers.How do I help myself to get out of this situation.It is killing me inside.
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