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depression because of the brain injury...18yrs old

I was in a trumatic car accident at the end of July this year, i severley damaged my leg with over 80+ stitches and damaged nerves, i also broke my jaw which now has a metal plate in it and damaged nerves in my face, but the most bothersome injury is my concussion i recieved and it was also a minor brain hemerage. I'm an 18 year old girl, a tiny girl at that..this was the last thing me or anyone i know had anticipated to happen at the end of the summer before i go away to college. I remember my dad telling me after i got home from being in the hospital for 3 weeks that the doctors had said i could fall into a depression because of the brain injury...and when he said that I was like "ya right no way will that happen to me " , Well i was wrong. All of this is so much for my to handle. Instead of going off the school in the city like i had always planned i have to stay home and recover and the constant boredom.When i first became conscious in the hospital my dad and all the doctors and nurses were asking me where i was, and if i knew what happened and as far as i knew i was sleeping in my bed at my house. i cannot remember the accident and i can't remember the first week in the hospital. and i said "i don't know" to everyone and i was told that i had gotten into a car accident and i've been in the hospital for a week and i'm still was the stangest thing to have been told.....but the problem is now everything i do feels like a dream to me and i constantly worrying that at any moment i'm going to woken up in the hospital again and someones going to ask me where am i and tell me i got into an accident... it's an awful feeling to have. I don't know how to shake it or how to deal with all this anxiety and depressed feelings i get now. my life completely did a flip in a matter of seconds and now i must live with it. I see the light that in time i will return to myself, but the journey to finding myself again is a difficult one full of obsticals....and when things get so hard i always try and remind myself that although i had injuries i could of had much worst ones or i could not even be's true and it something i need to constantly remind myself. thank you for listening.
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replied September 29th, 2012
Hey carmenmb33,
I was in a bad car accident in 2007, not quite as bad as yours but I sustained a head injury as well. Over a period of 6 months I had to get 3 reconstructive surgeries on my scalp. The depression is definitely normal, my self confidence was completely shot and I felt like I didn't know who I was anymore. I also started to have reoccuring dreams which I never had before so that freaked me out. All I can tell you is that your mind is in the right place because you will come out of it, as long as you keep looking forward you will come out of this depression. I describe my accident now as one of the best things that happend to me since it put my life on the right track. Just remember everything happens for a reason, you are alive so someone has a plan for you. Good luck with your recovery!
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