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depression/anxiety how i can cure?

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i am 39 year old and my depression & Anxiety problem was [email protected] age of 25 years. In my family I have younger brother and parents only. But during my childhood my parents had not treated me properly and my mother was always doing unnecessary favours of my brother, who was 6 younger then me. Further there was difference of opinion between me and parents especially with mother. Also my family had not taken proper interest in my marriage and due to other reasons I could not do marriage till age of 38. So, from age of 25 my problem started and I had to take psychiatric treatment (appro 10 years). Meanwhile 2-3 times I had stopped to take medicines for 1 year gape, as I my self had had decided to come out from it. But again and again I had to start the treatment for 2-3 years. Then at the age of 38 I had done marriage and before that I had discussed this with my husband and he was agree to do the marriage with me. My doctors and I was confident that I will become normal after marriage. But then with in month he had created pressure on me that I will have to accept his bad habits and if I will not accept, he will give me divorce. Then I had to leave my matrimonial home and now he had filled case that I am psychic person and not able to become mother. But my doctors say my problem is not serious and I am taking Ventab 100 at bad time. Now since last 3 years due to tension i have back and neck pain. Also some time feels pounding my back head when i stops to take tablet i face gastric and acidity problem and could not eat or drink any thing.

Since last 16 years I am doing job and don’t have any minor health problem, like fever, headache, cold etc. I am very healthy, positive and happy person. My periods are very normal. If I will get proper family life, and will become mother I am sure I will live like normal person and I will not have to take medicines.

Now I want to know how I can come out from anxiety/depression problem. Is there any treatment available? I need proper help. Please guide me
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replied March 4th, 2012
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You can't just decide to end depression, or anxiety.

You can decide thought that you need medical treatment and both can be quelled with one med. That won't cure them but the idea is to minimise the symptoms to allow therapy to be effective. You seem to have a fair knowledge of where your problems came from parents, (don't they all???) so you have somewhere to start.

Don't assume though that it did not start much earlier in life as we learn most up to the age of 5.

On other words, get a doctor, get a referral to a shrink and get meds to raise and stabilise your mood. Once that is achieved then therapy is productive and not just a waste of time.

DOn't blame yourself for stopping and starting. I did it for decades before I realised I had to be serious. Now I am on meds probably for life but that's OK as long as they help. I'm doing OK but I wasted so much time getting here. Don't you, you've wasted enough.

By the way I had depression from 10 but didn't know it un til I was 35 and it wasn't until age 48 that I got serious. So you have a long way yto go to waste more of your life than I did mine.

I'm not bitter except towards 3 people who could have stopped all this but basically I'm fine and those people respectivley are 1. Passed away, 2. Crippled himself while drunk and 3, In another vity. So I never see them.
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