I have always been a really happy person, im never upset, im always the one that helps others, i never have any problems. Now im depressed and i don't know what to do.

My nan died 2weeks ago now almost, but leading up to her dealth, i helped out alot, visiting, looking after her and i was happy to do it, i don't regreet it at all. Im glad i could of helped out. It just means i have had a really stressful summer, as she has been seriously ill for most of it. I have also been working and my job is about to come to an end, so im looking for new employment.

My nan's dealth and last week was also the week me and my best friend turned 18, meaning i haven't really had the best brithday. I hd been looking forward to my 18 all year.

I just gone back to school, im really stresseed, im retaking lots of my AS in january, which i have to take otherwise i won't get into uni in september and i have to much school work to do.

My friends have always been my life, they are like my brothers and sisters, there is about 12-13 of us and were all really close, have been for over a year. Suddenly everyone is spliting up.

My best friend is to envoled in her boyfriend that she doesn't care about me anymore and thats not like her, its only been in the last week.

If it hadn't of been for my boyfriend i feel i would have broken down ages ago.
I will never commit suacide, as i don't believe in that. But i wanted some advise, what do i do???

can i take anti- depresson tablets? would they help??

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replied September 24th, 2009
hi well you've been through alot and it is normal to be depressed it takes time to get over it. your a human full of emotion. healing takes time dear. but i think it would take less time with you. i see a very strong person. you should be proud of your self. fasing death of a dear person. spleting with your friends. facing a new stressful life.many things at once.
try to get rid of your stress. prepare a plan to meet your friends and communicate with them to keep in touch. a new future is comming ahead. school will take your time and your brain you will be busy in something important.and you will make new friends. organise your time. have fun. shake the stress away. join a yoga class or dancing or some sort of thing that reduce your stress and freash you up. eat healthy be healthy if it didn't makes you any better, then seek a therapist he would decide if you need an antidepresson or not. but keep in mind they are not magic it takes weeks to see the result. i hope you wount need them
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