Hi,im Sheree im 20 years old and need a bit of advise and help.
i have never realy been a big fan of food i never taken an interest init, but the older im gettin the less im eating.
i have a daughter now who is 16months old and i dont want her to pick up on me not eating properly.
at the moment i havnt really been eating at all i havnt ate a meal for a few weeks really,
the last few days i havnt even put food into my mouth i have been really down and depressed alot i have been on depression tablets for a while now i think maybe my deppression has got a little something to do with me eating pattern at the moment.
i have been constantly tierd for a few months and feeling really weak easy, this is not good as my daughter is really active and quite a handful,
i have lost nearly over a stone in weight within 3 short weeeks now only weight 6.1 stone.
i need to start a daily diet thats not to much and not going to presure me to much to eat,
i just would like a little advise on what will maybe help me?
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replied June 18th, 2010
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you need to see your docter as a mater of ergany about the eating problems as they are probaly related to your depression. if you are as underwate as you sugest it is verry inportsant that you get speaclist teatment ergantly, preferbly from a specalist eating diorders center with the gidence of a specalist nutrisalist to get you on track.

but far a start try to eat a little at each meal time and several snacks, try to have reperstives from all the food groups throgh the day. but realt you need to see a spealist who can create a eating plan which will get you back to a hethy weght.
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