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Depression and Anxiety. Please Help.

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I need someone to tell me I'm not insane. Honestly I feel like all I do Is screw up, and even if it's the littlest of things I still feel so awful and that I can't do anything right. Just today I was skyping with my boyfriend and skype wasn't working right so he couldn't see me and he got mad at me and accused me of lying that it wasn't working and now I feel awful. I know it's not really my fault and I tried to fix it but I can't help but feeling I could've done more. I just feel so sad sometimes also, like there's this big weight on my chest and I feel like crying at least once or twice a day but I've been told that crying is for the weak and to just tough it out but It's hard sometimes. I'm sorry if I seem really over-dramatic right now but I just some help or advice or anything. I'd ask my friends what to do but I have very few and It's hard for be to make more because I just get so nervous when I talk to people that it's hard for me just to form words and start feeling really sick. I've pissed off so many people by not wanting to be social because I'm just so scared. I have self harmed before but I haven't in awhile but I'm getting the urge to start up again because I just feel so bad all the time and stress over every little thing. Sorry if this was a waste of time, I just don't really know what to do.
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replied January 16th, 2017
Hello SunkenHeart125, yes! you are not made. The sadness often runs in families. This may be due to your genes (inherited), behaviors you learn at home, or both. There are many causes of sadness including alone living, long-term pain, sleeping problems, steroid medications death of a relative or friend, divorce, including a parent's divorce, failing a class, illness in the family and job loss.

Now talking about your topic, i would like to say that live your life without worrying about people. You should try to involve those activities that make you happy and start spend time with family and friends. Always remember, don't compare yourself than others as you are unique.

So keep smile and try to be happy for yourself.
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replied January 20th, 2017
This must be a stressful time in your life. It can happen to anyone. Its part of living and learning, where we can stress over little things and even a pea size problem looks like a mountain sometimes. Its normal.

About self harming, kill the urge to self-harm. Or you'll really become depressed and it will stretch over years.

Crying is not for weak. It can be a sign of being strong.

Good Luck!
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