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Depression and anorexia

What should i do? Im s boy from Sweden that got bullied from 2nd-6th grade,in the 7th grade I cut myself,8th I started to starv myself and now I've gotten eating disorders,Anorexia.
I'm in a deep depression,I cry every night and I want to cut again..
My friend is close to commit suicide,I can't take it anymore..
Please,what should I do?
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replied March 10th, 2013
Bullying is incredibly painful because it either falsely imposes negative qualities on us or unreasonably exemplifies faults we have, e.g. with our appearance, beliefs or personality.
Worst of all, is the cruel way in which bullying is done. It makes it seem as though our entirety as a person is centered on these alleged negative qualities.

You need to realise that these negative qualities for which you are being bullied for don't define you as a person. Your merit as an individual extends beyond those painful accusations.
What matters is that you are a good citizen; that you never hurt other people and do the best you can to help and love others.
This is what defines a person and regardless of how we look, our beliefs or our personalities we all have the potential to be truly good people.

When you go out of your way to be a good person and help others you will feel less useless and hurt. In fact you will feel happy and worthful, because in helping others, you matter to people.

It seems to me that you are cutting yourself and starving yourself as a form of self-punishment in response to your sense of worthlessness from being constantly bullied. Doing such things only perpetuates your negative self-perception. I recommend pursuing activities that forces you to confront your self-worth, e.g. charity, volunteering at the library or in the form of sports (team sports and by yourself by trying to achieve personal bests)

Please also talk to your family and loved ones about your crisis. It is much easier to confront these problems with friends and family then yourself.

Also seek professional help. God bless and good luck friend.
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