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Depression after break up and move

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Well like the subject line says I think im depressed. Im always sad and angry and snappy and seriously unhappy and totally unmotivated to do anything and ocasionally have thoughts of suicide(as hard as that is to admit). I have a solid social life and a job that I love as well as a group of co-workers who I am closer with than anyone due to the hours we work. I started noticing the lack of motivation when I couldent get myself to go to the gym (which I was religious about for years). From there I started drinking more, then me and my girlfriend who was still living on vancouver island (I had moved to alberta) broke up and things went seriously downhill. I started drinking a 12 pack every night alone and never leaving the house except for work. When i did my 15 day hitch in various camps i could not drink as they were dry camps. I had a hard time with not using booze as a crutch and was always angry and holding back tears for no real reason. I stopped drinking about a month ago but I dont feel any better. My ex who im still in love with thinks im depressed and so does my best friend who I have talked to about this. Im not really sure what to do here and am finally deciding to see if someone can help which is odd for me considering I have always been able to handle problems on my own. So....any opinions?
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replied October 19th, 2011
Seeing a mental health counselor might help.

Are you still talking to the ex? Does that help or hurt? I can understand wanting to stay in touch if you are still in love, but maybe you would be better off making a clean break . Consider that.

Do you think you're an alcoholic? Maybe you should stop drinking or cut down to one drink a day. If you don't think you're capable of that, go to a group like AA.

Get back to the gym. Get back on track.
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