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Depression, a feeling of hopelessness and drug abuse.

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I have been doing drugs for a while now, almost everyday. I've experienced with drawls before and I have experienced great depressing stages in my life. Lately the world has seemed like its been slipping away, almost like everything and everyone around me is fake. Sometimes i feel like everyone is out to get me and i feel lost. I get waves of depression all the time and it scares me honestly. I used to cause self harm to myself but I hadn't in 2 years. Just a week ago I freaked out because I felt like everything was so unreal and that I thought I actually wanted to die. i have been experiencing some really bad, random waves of depression, and what seems to me as insanity. I'm always feeling randomly depressed and nothing bad has happened to me lately. I do drugs almost on a daily basis.. I'm only 15 turning 16 soon. I once said to myself "Its okay if i kill myself because I have nothing to lose. I was on the verge of killing myself when i heard voices of the people i know telling me not to do it. i then realized that people i know would miss me, and I thought it was weird. I sometimes feel that everyone else is crazy, or that they are controlled by someone.i tried talking to my mom, and friends but they just dont understand this feeling of unrealness that reality has.
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replied December 14th, 2011
I'm so proud that you have stop cutting. Smile

What do you feel when you get a sense of unrealness? As though time is slowly passing by, you hear voices, are doing things but it's as if it's through a looking glass. I feel that but it goes away when I hug a friend or family. The touch of another is so healing. Or when I feel fresh air or the sunshine on my face. Cliche I know but I've learnt to enjoy the simplicity of life.

Why did you start taking drugs? Could you not cope with reality?
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