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Depressed, lost interest, now family is suffering consequences

I am Type 2 diabetic managed by metformin.

I am also on citalopram (for 18 months now), sitaglyptin and simvastatin, plus multi vitamins and fish oils from Holland and Barrett, I have tried pharmiton but I didn't find it made a difference. I am now trying pro plus starting from today.

I don't have any family problems, in a stable relationship, solvent, with a three year old and I am 46 and with my own business and we work in Dubai as well as the UK.

I have hidden from everyone about my taking citalopram because I thought it was something that would go away. I don't want sympathy.

I thought a cure might be to treat myself with niceties of life such as a new car, lavish family vacations and a complete home makeover to start afresh hoping that might fix the problem but it didn't work.

y father had psychotic depression when he died aged 50 in the late 1970's (suicide) and it was never explained why he had it. I am concerned I have had inherited something genetically. He did not have circumstantial depression and I know its not circumstantial with me. There is nothing wrong in my life apart from harbouring depression from everyone around me and secretly fighting this persistent tiredness.

I have seen my doctor who has run a battery of blood tests and numerous check lists and they all trump up nothing. I originally suspected under active thyroid. I have lost interest in anything social or family gatherings; I feel I just want to stay away from people in my own little world, on Sundays I have the family over and I now sit behind a broadsheet or a laptop. Even the thought of being someone in prison shut away in a cell has actually become appealing to me.

My partner has started complaining that I am "sleeping my life away" and I even have a tendency to nap during the day if I know nobody would notice. Also my work is now faltering and clients are not happy with the quality of my work. I know something is seriously wrong because I had always been very client orientated and delivering a first class service, but now I feel I have lost interest in everything and the business is faltering and I know its my own fault because I was too lazy to deal with it.

I feel like I am a pain in the proverbial complaining to my doctor when I know nothing is being diagnosed. Its just more checklists and blood tests.

I am not suicidal, no tendency to cause self harm or have any anger problem. And I am not stressed by anything apart from the fact I am the principle breadwinner of an extended family and I am trying my hardest to hide my shortcomings from them.

My hand is now firmly pressed on the panic button. Any advice of comments would be greatly appreciated.
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replied January 14th, 2013
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What you are describing sounds like depression to me. Not sure if this is a sleep issue or sleep disorder per se.

Sounds like you will be helped by counseling. If I were in your situation I would want to try to identify the root causes for what I was feeling, with the understanding that the depression is a symptom of something else going on deeper. Those root causes are what I would try to address.

I would also suggest you bring all this to the attention of your doctor. You are taking a number of prescription meds some of which could have side effects contributing to what you are feeling. There may be possible adjustments to your meds that will help you improve.
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