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Depressed I can't bear it

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Suffering from depression - I think I'm becoming an alcoholic - it's the only thing that makes me feel better. I work 24/7 have never been on holiday am in severe debt as always been a single mum with no help. I work all day then come home to the only person who loves me my dog who is now suffering from diabetes and probably due to her age won't be around for much longer. I can't bear it - have no friends, my mother ill and can't remember a conversation from 2 minutes ago. I wish i had the guts to top myself but then my two kids would get zilch
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replied October 7th, 2011
I'm only 15 and not mature but I want to show you my support Smile I am always stressed too, of course, the problems I'm facing now would be insignificant for you. xD

I understand the money problem though. I won't go into much detail about myself but I don't get any pocket money and my mam is out of work. Only gets like 30euro a week and my aunt pays for our living so I don't get any pocket money and I don't get to get... well anything I want. Well, what I did was that I used money I saved up to buy things from online for wholesale price. Then opened my own online store. I opened my online store without spending any money (except the ones spent in getting the stock) I learned how to make my own website by myself, just through the internet. I'm still not getting much money but I believe that things WILL get better.

You said you work 24/7, you should listen to soothing music or the audio of a show you really like on your way to work Smile Try to drink less. Remember that drinking only worsens your situation! Drinking weakens your kidney! What will you do if your kidney fails because you drink too much? What are you gonna do then? If you have the time to drink, why don't you do yoga? Helps to become more calm, have a nice figure and healthier as well.

You aren't the only one who hasn't been on holiday. I haven't been on holiday for nearly half my life. I moved here when I was 9 and haven't been able to go back to where I came from since. My mam is trying to fix the problem with my visa but it's not working out. So I feel like a prisoner. I can't go back because I won't be able to catch up with school work. (I'll have to use my 1st language but I can't even speak in that language with no grammar mistake.) I miss my granny so much, she's over 90 and recently, she's gone into hospital and I'm afraid I mightn't ever see her again. Holiday isn't a big thing so you shouldn't worry about it.

Try to give yourself a small treat for working so much. Even though you have severe debt, try to give yourself a small treat to keep yourself moving.

For friends, don't worry about it. Get some online friends. To be honest, I found it a lot easier to talk about my problems with my online friends than real life friends. Online friends help me out more as well. You can talk to online friends with no worries because they'll never know you in real life, you don't have to worry about them judging you and they will give you the most honest opinion. Real life freinds? Sure you can have fun with them but when you don't have money and they seem to always be giving you free stuff, they'll start to think you're being cheap even if they know about your situation. So, just get an online friend Smile

Hope i helped, if not, I hope you can at least feel my support ^^
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