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depressed for not having children!!

I waited, waited for the right time, being a single person owning my own home....making sure I had the career to pay the bills...etc...

VERY longs story short...Finally in a relationship that I thought was going in the right direction. Leads me to believe yes he wants to have a child with me, knowing I have never had one and HOW MUCH and badly I want to be a mother. I went thru the life of people telling you how great you will be, to you should just have one...well 20's....30's go by and U meet this great guy who you think IS THE ONE. That you LOVE completely... but has 2 of his own from a previous Divorce. Now, it's always a reason, He can't go thru it again, the diapers, financial, to not in the correct job, etc.. We'll I'm now 42 and I been wanting to try BADLY before I even met him. To now, at least try, I may have missed the boat, but I wanna try. I cry at the fact I wasn't a ME ME ME ME person and just went out and did it earlier and lived happily alone with my family and child. NO MAN needed! (ok just emotionally venting sorry!!!!) Now here I am, and now I get the lecture how risky it is for me???? Are you kidding me....I been telling you for few years I can't wait, this man thought I could just put it on hold till 47/48 no rush. I'm sorry, but I reminded him there is a biological clock. I may look good on the outside but honey your insides don't lie!

I cry myself to sleep not knowing what to do at this point....
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replied November 20th, 2010
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Find someone else to have a child with, if you and this man are'nt married that is.
You can still have children at your age, all of that "it's risky" mess is hot air, they are not GOD, how do they know what HE has planned foryou concerning a child.

I know you can still have very healthy children at your age because my mother has a friend that is older than you by a couple of years, and she already has about 6-7 children ranging in age of 2 to 29, and now today she is pregnant again.

I say if you and this man are'nt married and he does'nt want children with you, find a new man to have a child with, because the man you have now is just being plain selfish.

But if you are married to him, pray to GOD for help, remember the story of Hannah in the bible, and there are other true accounts of woman recorded (the bible is GODS word) by GOD in the bible who could'nt have children and they cried out to GOD and asked him to give them children, and HE has given them children, remember, everything in the bible is for an example for us today.
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