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depressed during pregnancy

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i'm 13 weeks pregnant and my whole world has just fallen apart i don't know what to do i don't have energy to do anything i don't wanna eat or move and i cant sleep i know that's not good for the baby and i should only be thinking about him/her but its really hard.
my boyfriend or now ex-boyfriend decided he didn't wanna have a kid and while i woke up one morning and left for work by the time i got back i couldn't get in to our apartment he had changed the locks and left to visit his parents i crawled in thru a window and i know that was stupid because im pregnant and i need to be careful but i wasn't thinking and he called the cops on me saying i was some intruder in the apartment i showed them that i lived there all my things and mail and they told him that it was my house just as much as his and then he left i was destroyed couldn't believe the person who said to love me so much could hurt me like this i couldn't sleep all night and my eyes were swollen from crying but i didn't know how to stop i packed all my things in the morning and thank God i have a very supportive family and they helped me get everything out. Part of me is still hoping this is just a bad dream that for some reason i cant wake up from how can someone treat another person like that.
talked to his Dad over the phone the one person who i thought would be supportive but i was wrong, he was a completely different person he told me to give my baby up that how could i be so irresponsible to want to bring a baby into this world and that and that if i had it to give it up for adoption i couldn't believe what i was hearing and then he asked for a paternity test i was in such a shock i couldn't believe all the things he was saying to me while my stupid ex was there listening and not saying a single world
im now at my Moms house and part of me wants to go see him and demand an explanation but i also just wanna forget all this ever happened and just concentrate on my kid but its hard i cant stop thinking about everything and i start crying and i dont know what to do to feel better
i know this is not good for the baby and im scared something bad could happen and i would never forgive myself. what should i do??
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