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Depressed, cutting, afraid i wont be taken seriously

Hi, ever since I was about 8 I can remember monthly periods where I would feel depressed, lazy, have low self esteem etc. I'm now 17 and it hasn't gotten much better, through the years my symptoms, of what I would consider as depression, have been elevated for short periods of time before returning. I try to live my life in a positive way, but I'm still burdened with suicidal thoughts and idea of how I could dull the pain. Although my addiction to cutting has gotten better over the years, exposure to drugs and alcohol has me concerned that I will give in to it and ruin my life, and when I slip into deep depressions I act recklessly and take whatever it can to try to make myself feel better. Although I am trying in school, I want to try and get this sorted as it Is badly affecting my grades and attendance at school. The thing is I'm terrified my doctor won't take me seriously and they'll say "eat healthy and exercise and you'll feel better" so my question what is the average treatment for those under 18 and do your doctors take you seriously if you're under 18? Thanks.
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replied March 11th, 2013
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You can just ask your general practitioner, that you need to talk to a psychologist.
You don't have to tell him why you want this.

Or if you tell what you've told right here, I'm quite sure the general practitioner will forward you to a psychologist.

A general practitioner can't and isn't allowed to say allot about psychiatry. I personall think he doesn't do his job well, if he try to make interventions for depression. It simply isn't his proffesion. So don't worry about that.
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