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Depressed and stressed

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I have just been in london nearing a year now and i migrated here with my husband who has been living here for three years. I am currently working a job which is completely different from what i studied and worked on back home (because I failed to get a job of my expertise in london). This job involves a lot of stress and long hours which does not help my problem at all. Since I have come here I have been constantly unhappy. I feel depressed and stressed all the time. I keep crying for the smallest of things and feel that my life is not a happy one. I also feel restless, unfulfilled, unsatisfied and feel i am not good enough. These things keep going on in my mind though my husband has never done anything to cause them and has never uttered these words. but also, he is finding it difficult to provide me strong emotional support during these episodes because he workd long hours and gets tired when he returns home and thus cant spend as much time with me. he is a loving, caring husband but sometimes i feel he find it difficult to think about what troubles me and does not make real effort to bring a smile on my face. I understand that i sound very selfish, but the truth is i cant stop myself from thinking or feeling this way. i want to become better, feel better and enjoy my life. i dont want tp sit and cry and moan all the time. i am not sure why this is happening to me, maybe because my dad dies a few years back o. These are my symptoms, I would like some help aand would like someone to tell me if its high time i ssek some counselor or mediical help. I have gone through some crying and depressive phases before i got married but i never thought it important enough to go and see a doctor, and i dont like taking medicines for such things
-I constantly cry for the smallest of things.
i feel upset if my husband does show me the kind of affection when i want it.
i feel constantly needy and i pity myself
i feel i am not pretty enough
i constantly feel that my husband does not love me enough
i feel stresssed with my job
i feel i want to do soemthing in my life
i feel i have not achieved enough in my lifetime and i want to do somehting that will bring cheer on my face and on the face of others.
i get angry and i keep blaming my husband every time i get angry though its not his fault
i find it difficult to control my emotions
#i find it diffifcult to take any critiscism and i get frightened of people who shout at me and are displeased which is a constant part of my job.
i keep thinking about how unhappy i am and otheres are more happier than me

All these above symptoms do not come purposely, it just comes automatically and i cnat stop it and it is spoiling my life.
i also have this problesm. i do not enjoy sex with my husband as much as i feel i should enjoy it. Please help I think i am going to get crazy and crash any moment!!!
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replied March 22nd, 2010
i found your advice very informative and healing, and yes it has given me a clearer picture of whats happening to me... even before you could provide me with this reply, i decided to take extra effort to make myself as happy as possible.. and realised it really works!! however.. i am not sure for how long.. i also realised that beneath all my complaints.. i really do love my husband a lot... and inspite my misgivings i am convinced of the fact that i have the right to live a life of happiness, satisfaction and joy.however, i do require your constant advice and guidance.. you can continue to do so on this forum.. i am currently deciding to undergo some counselling to relieve myself of my past baggage and to become a better person.. wish me luck !!!
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replied March 23rd, 2010
hi .. Thank you so much.. And yes I completely agree with your views.. There are still times when I burstin to tears when I face moments of pressure or stress .. Is it hormonal (pms) or phsychological... Or both? I am averse to taking medicines to improve my mental wellbeing and I am wondering does hypnotherapy help??
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