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Depresed because of cheating first love

Well, my first real girlfriend of 8 months and I broke up because of the fact that we're going to different colleges. We tried to make it work for the first few weeks, but it really wasn't working out. It was a mutual break up but we left it that we still loved each other, and that we hope that one day we'll be married. A few days after we broke up I found out that she cheated on me while I was on a trip to China, with a guy who she had broken up with me near the start of our relationship.
Apparently he came to her house in the middle of the nite and told her that he loved her, she kissed him and told him he'd have to wait for her. That was the first time she cheated on me, the second time she cheated on me was with a girl after we had a big fight. Neither girl was drunk, and they weren't just experimenting. Before I found out about the girl, I had already confronted her about the guy, which she convinced me that she just wanted to get revenge on him by making him think that they could plausibly be together.
I accepted that and we ended up hooking up( although we're broken up.) The next day I found out about the girl, I called her but she didn't answer because she was at another guy's house who she went on a date with that nite. She called me back and gave a lame excuse as to why it happened, basically she said it was my fault. I don't know if I can ever trust her again in a relationship or friendship, she says she loves me and that we will be together again, or so she promises. I don't know what to do I'm extremely depressed and have been having panic attacks and throwing up. Any advice would be appreciated as to what I should do.
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replied October 14th, 2009
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You need to forget about this girl hun she is not worth it at all. If you care about someone you do not go and get with anyone else fact! So she obviously didnt think of your relationship when she was with these other people so why should you think about it now? You can find someone much better for yourself hun and you seem like you have a lot of love to give someone, and that someone will be out there, just give it time....good luck..jenny
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replied October 27th, 2009
she told you that yall will be toghether again, she told her ex that they will be together again. this chick is playing games, how do you know she's telling you the truth and lying to him.
it sounds like she is just screwing around, dont let her screw around with your heart.
even if she was lying to her ex about how she will be with him....why would you want to be with someone who always playing games with someone.
she's not a nice person.
i m sorry you had to go through this. like i say to anyone who is heartbroken time heals all things. the sooner you get over her the better.
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