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dental work done and had follow-up pain

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I recently had dental work done and had follow-up pain. The dentist removed a small piece of residue from the work but I'm still experiencing pain with chewing and cold beverages. I'm working on eliminating a habit of grinding my teeth at night.

My question is related to if anyone has suggestions for stopping grinding teeth - mouth guard recommendations, remedies, etc.

And if anyone has any suggestions on ice/heat packs, foods to try or avoid, etc to help the tooth get back to normal.

My insurance carrier limits me to my current dental office, which is a joke of a dental practice so I'm trying to solve this at home with ibuprofin, tylenol, patience, and any advice you have. Thanks!
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replied July 16th, 2016
I have found that I've been losing way less teeth by changing to the WAPF diet. I also have redness to my gums that I think was thanks to the one dentist I went to...sigh. Anyway, I would also recommend using neem tooth powder (bark), I've found it helps with infections and may also help heal your teeth. Check it out and do research on it to make sure you aren't allergic or anything, but brush with that a few times a day and you may notice quite a diference. I also swish with coconut oil for 15 minutes a day and it seems to help my teeth somewhat.
I would definitely avoid foods with sugar in it, fruit juices (sugar is in every single processed food). Depending on your genetic disposition to arthritis, you may also want to avoid bread products with sugar in them (which is most breads). I had RA and with that you also get a lot of dental decay. I cured it with my diet (check out the Weston Price Foundation, they got great info that really works, and I'm not selling anything, really!). As for pain, I've heard that California poppy is supposed to be a great non addictive analgesic, some herb companies sell it or you can make your own tincture. It's legal as well. My hubs had horrible teeth pain for years, he found that chewing on celery gently helped numb his nerve pain sometimes. Clove oil can help too. For infections, I used raw garlic, mince up and use 3 cloves per day, or more if infection is really bad. Echinacea can also help (make sure it's tincture or fresh leaves or recently dried as the active principle doesn't stay long after it's dried) with infections as well. Hope this helps!
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