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Hi all, just came across this article on the web about a new way of treating dental problems:

Light therapy 'beats plaque bugs'

Scientists have developed a mouthwash that allows plaque-causing bacteria to be destroyed using nothing more than a bright light.

It works using the same principles as some skin cancer treatments.

Leeds Dental Institute say it may be available inside three years for home use - perhaps with the light attached to the head of a toothbrush.

The same team is also working on a "repair solution" to help the body grow new enamel.

They believe this could reduce the need for "drilling and filling".

Both projects are being spearheaded by Professor Jennifer Kirkham, who believes they could make a big difference to dental care.

The mouthwash uses "photodynamic therapy", and Professor Kirkham sees it as a way to help people who find it hard to use a toothbrush.

Antibacterial molecules in the liquid are absorbed only by plaque-causing bacteria, and activated when a bright light is shone into the mouth, killing them.
FULL LINK: th/7517552.stm


.....Well I don't have to wait '3 years' for this kind of treatment. Matter of fact, anyone can cheaply do it in their own home now. I just ordered a Streamlight Stylus Pen Light in both red and blue LED light from Amazon. This will be used in combination with peroxide irrigation. A scientific article on the web, shows that this method WORKS:

An antibacterial synergic effect between blue light and H2O2 was observed. The mechanism of the phototoxic effect on S. mutans was basically a photochemical process, in which ROS were involved. Application of such light in combination with H2O2 to an infected tooth could be an alternative to or serve as an additional minimally invasive antibacterial treatment.
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