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Denied health insurance for marijuana use

I applied for health insurance for the first time ever (I'm in my 20s). Apparently I have been denied coverage because I answered 'yes' to whether I've used illegal drugs within the past five years.

I have always been taught not to lie and didn't feel comfortable putting down a dishonest answer. I wrote that I had consumed marijuana sometime in the past five years.

The question now is - where do I go from here? Is it going to be impossible for me to be insured? I live in Pennsylvania and have health insurance until the end of the month.
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replied September 19th, 2008
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Is this the true reason they denied you coverage?

If so, maybe you can appeal your denial or search for health insurance elsewhere...

Were you able to state which illegal drug you did and when?

I think that question in particular is invasive.

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replied November 16th, 2008
Yes, it is true
I had a client who answered yes, and was denied. If you answer no, you are in voilation of the application and if the claims dept ever sees it in your medical records, you could have your policy rescended. My client hadn't used for 10 years.
I don't know of an insurance app that doesn't have that question on there.
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