I think I ought to first explain my situation before I ask my question.
My mother has Alzheimer's dementia and a few weeks ago reached a point of spitting out medicine , vitamins and food.
Fortunately she likes milk so she was living on nothing but Milk , protein powder and weight gain powder and also as much ensure and boost ( protein and weight gain types ) as I could get in her as well as Fred Flintstone vitamins in which I tell her they are candy so she takes them , ( she also eats starlight mints ).
At this point she has starting to eat real food but almost exclusively
Vienna sausage.

She has several medical problems and at this point finds it difficult articulating what problem she is having .
The main one’s are severe arthritis and acid reflux and can stand but she can not walk more than a step or two and that would be on a good day. she gets very vocal that is she yells and carries on almost unintelligibly

Anyway now to the question in giving her Haloperidol ( pill form that I have to crush up )
and ( Hydrocodone and acetaminophen ( liquid form in which she has a reaction to at full strength that resembles dry drowning or something
If deluded in say a glass of milk ./Water /juice , will it lose effectiveness ?

Thank you for your time and your answers.
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replied September 8th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

You can dilute the medication, it will not affect it as long as the whole amount is taken. Dilute the medicine only as much as needed, because the patient has to consume the total amount (the medicine and the diluting liquid).

Good luck.
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replied September 11th, 2012
Thank you so very much you have been so helpful. Smile
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