Hello, I am a Canadian citizen living overseas. My girl friend is European and is pregnant with my baby. At some point, I would like for her to travel to Canada and give birth next to my family.

Aside from getting her to Canada which I need to work out with the embassy given we are not married, will my Ontario health insurance cover for the cost of delivery? If not what is the typical cost for non insured indivisuals

Appreciate your advise
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replied April 20th, 2011
Baby delivery costs for visitors to Canada
No, OHIP doesn't cover newcomer's to Canada unless they are refugees or have been approved for permanent residence and completed the 3 month waiting period in Ontario after being approved for permanent residence.

I read a post from a family in Mississauga.

2650$ for doctors (vaginal delivery or c section)
1000$ for each day at the hospital
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