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Delayed Semen Liquefaction?

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Hi I am Ram and I am 27 year old. Married for 17 months.
I happened to under go Semen Test on 12/08/10.
The conditions for Semen test was no intercourse for 5 days.
As I am young i could not wait for so long and we had intercourse on 2nd day and 3rd.
For the last two days I spent most of my time in watching/ reading Pornography. But i avoided ejaculation. But there was pre ***
On the 5th day When i went to Hospital surprisingly even after much masturbation my penis did not get hard and as a result i could not ejaculate sperm. Some how i did not like the Hospital bathrooms and environment.
So i went to home there in peaceful environment i ejaculated in 15 min and within 20 minutes i gave the sample to Lab.

Next day my report came as....

Semen Liquefaction time is more than 4 hrs. and no further results were given.

When i checked in Internet about normal time range it is given 20min.

Now i am worried about what this problem is? what caused this problem? is there any natural (food habits, Yoga, etc) cure?

As such I am very healthy and at the time of intercourse i don't have any problem in erection and ejaculation.

Till now i never suffered with any kind of urine and Kidney related problem.

So please help me about what the problem? cause and remedy?
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First Helper ramsrace

replied August 13th, 2010
any comments and discussions on this topic are most welcome.
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