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Delayed rapid swelling after hand injury

My Mom hit her hand on a doorway entrance at work earlier today. She said it hurt slightly but nothing she thought much about. She came home tonight several hours later just above the pinky knuckle she developed a large lump about 1.5 inches long and at least a quarter inch high. It was not a gradual swelling around the area she hit, it was just a lump. It looked like when you pinch your finger and blood pools under the skin, but much larger. She said it developed in a matter of a minute or two four to five hours after she hit her hand on the door. When the delayed swelling started she felt a very painful stinging sensation. She iced her hand and the swelling went down initially, but it is starting to swell up again.

My mom is almost 60, so it would not take much for a broken bone, but the delayed swelling and sudden pain later confuses me. My mom had been to the Dr. once in the last 40 years and is refusing to go.

Any on have any idea what this is and do I need to drag her to the hospital?
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