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delayed menstruation due to more sexual activity than usual?

I'm new to this, and I'm not sure if this is how I post a question that I have? If not, could someone please tell me?

Anyway, I am now a junior in high school, and I've been having menstrual cycles since about 8th grade. I have recorded the beginning date of my periods ever since i have gotten my first one. However, unlike most people, I see virtually no pattern in when my period is going to come. Occassionally I will have a set pattern for 2 or 3 months at a time, but then it will return to its "screwy" patterns.
After the first time I had sex, my period was nearly 2weeks late, so I was kind of freaking out, even though we used a condom. But after that, it was all fine. Ever since then my period has continued, as it had even before I lost my virginity, to be irregular.
December of this my period started on the 16th, and i did not start my next period until January 24th, which kind of really freaked me out, especially since we had a condom break on us. However, I did get my period, and in February I got it on the 27th. This month, it is now April 4th, I still have not gotten my period.
Though, me and my boyfriend think it is pretty much impossible that I'm pregnant, considering.. we are always careful that we use a condom, and one did NOT break on us this month.

So my question.. if we had sex more often this month than usual, is it possible that increasing my activity could be delaying my period? Also, can stress from my school and work be adding to the delay?
Also,today i went pee, and i look down in the toilet and there was a substance, that almost looked like mucus or "cum" floating in the toilet. and it had a slight yucky yellow tint to it. could that mean anything???
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replied April 9th, 2012
can anyone help me out on this one? i am now on my 13th day late, so im kinda guessing im just not going to get my period this month. Is it normal for some girls to completely skip a period due to a lot of stress in life? Also, I took 2pregnanacy tests, one in the afternoon-ish, and one the next morning.. both negative.
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replied September 1st, 2013
too much sex equal delay period?
I just goto say I have had that happen too. By all means though, take precautions and don't be afraid of a pregnancy test. I am too kinda late this month but I got a different issue. He likes you use his fingers and I'm always worried about precum. That's why I am freaked out this month. First time in a while I've had to wait for my period. I know for a facelt though stress is a big part of your period timing.
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