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Degenerative Spondylosis

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Question I have degenerative spondylosis at the L5S1 level that has been giving me radiating pain and pain in my thigh going into my groin.I have pain walking and unable to do stares easily. The pain is starting down the other leg now.This all started 6 months ago when I was moving. I have had PT, 3 epidural cortisone injections plus a medial branch block at a pain clinic. On my own I have used ice,heat,water exercises,and working the Weight Watchers program. My Orthopedic Surgeon is pushing surgery, but all I hear is the negative (especially with osteoarthritis at L5S1). I am lost to where or how to get more opinions and words from those who have the same diagnosis and has tried surgery. A laminectomy is the procedure that was recomended.
I really could use some professional advice and recommendations. Thankyou, I appreciate and will be greateful for a reply.
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