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Degenerate Back Disc Disease

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Hello and thanks for any advice or thoughts you may give. I am 40 year old female with two young boys that was diagnoised 7 years ago with a herniated disc. I had to have it removed as the pain was just too much with a small child to bear with doing everyday things, and I also own a full time business. The herniation came back to the same disc, and I suffered with even more pain. As the years rolled on and the pain got worse, and other symptoms became relivant I was then told I had DDD. My activity level decreased, and I had another child. I am not suffering so badly with everyday chronic pain. I have my MRI's and its apparent its bad. As time has gone on I have developed pain almost all over my body. My feet in the morning hurt so badly,my neck, my left leg, my calfs,my buttock, my left leg, and my back has become unbearble. I was sent for If it werent for my two boys, I dont think I would have the strength to go on. I have just gotten to the point that I cant do anything without being in tears due to the pain/ I have been on narcotics for years, and honestly I dont even feel the relief anymore. I am so depreesed, and have noone to "really" vent too. My husband doesnt understand at all.
I am scheduled for a MAJOR surgury in a few months maybe sooner. I am having my L4 and possible L5 disc rebuilt followed up with tytanium rods. They told me today the DDD has shown up in my neck which explains all the neck pain. I am petrafied, but want the pain to stop NOW...Any advice would be greatly appreciated, or just vent.
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replied January 16th, 2012
I feel like I'm in the same boat... But I'm only 24 and it seems like everyone just brushes me off. I get told I'm so young that I'll be ok I was just diagnosed with DDD and spinal stenosis and I'm always always in pain ... I too am self employed and I went from wOrking 13+ hours everyday to sometimes not being able to work 2 hours ... I wake up everyday in complete agony ... I've been told that I sound like a fatally wounded animal! And on top of that I've been trying to get a surgery on at least one of the disc for a year now and I was all set up for it and last minute a totally new dr came in and said that he didn't wanna do the surgery on me because of my age then he told me
To go home for 3 months and then hell see after thy and told me to deal with it and take some naproxen!!! My pain has gotten so bad I've pee'd myself in the middle of a store ... Anyway this Is all I can affirm thru my county hospital here in ft worth tx... It's so awful and my hUsband I'd NO help he yells at me like I'm supposed to fix it with a snap of the finger.. He slams my door shut when I'm screaming or moaning in so much pain... Sad anyway do hope you get some releif from your pain
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