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Decongestant effect on erections ?

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I am 22 years old. Me and my girlfriend are not having TOO much sex lately (I work and she goes to school full time) but we still have time to have sex around 3 times a week. The sex is great, we both achieve orgasms and feel great.
I started feeling under the weather 3 days ago, with a congested and sometimes runny nose, coughs and feeling tired constantly. Of the 3 days of feeling sick with a cold, 2 of them I tried having sex with her but getting an erection was difficult, let alone maintaining it. I was really confused and frankly embarrassed since this does not happen to me.
Could it be the decongestant and/or being sick with a cold that affected this?

Thank you very much
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replied August 16th, 2009
Community Volunteer
I believe when you are not feeling good that this affects your whole body...How can you concentrate when you have a cold?...I would just rest and get over it and then get back to your love life....Good luck...

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