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Decayed molar and neck pain

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Can a decayed tooth cause an infection in the tissue around my tonsil duct, or cause severe pain in or around my submandibular gland?

The tooth in question is my back molar on the top left side, which happens to be next to a wisdom tooth, which came in pretty close to it.

Last sunday I was woken up at 4am in severe pain, in my neck just under the chin. I had to go into urgent care to get looked at because 800mg of Ibuprofen wasn't working. The doctor there believed there was a stone in my salivary gland, and that it caused an infection. I was given Tylenol 3 for the pain, and bactrim for the infection. Monday morning the pain was much worse, and Tylenol 3 was not enough. I went to the emergency room this time, and they did a CT scan on me and found no salivary stones. They did however find inflammation around my tonsil duct which suggested to them that I did have an infection, somewhere. They couldn't tell me what caused the infection, but they didnt rule out a salivary gland stone. They gave me Vicodin 500 for the pain, and it worked quickly. I have been taking bactrim for 5 days now, twice a day.

This morning I was again woken up at 3 am in the morning with the pain again, in the same spot under by chin where the submandibular gland is, and I have taken 2 vicodin 500s and the pain is still not gone.

Can a bad molar which doesn't actually hurt, be the cause of the inflammation in my tonsil duct area somehow? Can it cause an infection somewhere near the submandibular gland, or severe pain in that area?

Please help me, I need to rule this out. I have no health insurance, and I cannot keep going and doing these tests, and getting 0 answers.
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