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Debating about using a home pregnancy test

I just got married on June 2nd. I have been on birth control for a little less than a year so plenty of time to be regulated. I was a virgin before we were married. I experienced some light blood spotting towards the end of our honeymoon after having sex. Now my period was supposed to start on Sunday and Tuesday it still has not started. My boobs were tender last week as they normally are the week before my period, and had some bloating. My lower back has been sore as it usually is before my period. Debating about using a home pregnancy test tonight. I'm normally regular and just don't know anything about whether I should be concerned about pregnancy or not. Thanks!
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replied June 21st, 2012
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I would take the test, but if it comes up negative try again in a few days. Don't stress over it, stressing will just make your body react to yourself thinking you are and will act like you are but there won't actually be a baby. This is just my opinion mixed in with helpful advice, I am only 17 years old so in all means do whatever you please. But the little bit about stress is completely true, I have done that to myself so I gotta stay level headed so-say. Best of luck!
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