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Dealing with normal neighbors!

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They are liars, almost all of them. Alot of them are on drugs. They give you whats called the kiss of death over and over again, they play nice, even ask you questions, but it's all an act and they couldn't possibly care less about anything going on with you. Imagine that, seven billion people all living in the same place, and almost all of them are alone.

They are the most vain creature to have ever lived on earth, the vanity wreaks if you didn't notice.

They are so ignorant it's like talking to the same fifth grader over and over again.

They are having children at such an alarming rate also, and they couldn't stand it if they weren't like all of the others, just down right weak.

And it's only a matter of time, but they seem to have forgotten about time, and make no desicions based on it, and as we all know by now time is the cornerstone of sound desicion.

One of them just beat up his family, because he was a sex addict, he didn't want a family, but gave that up for sex, which I suppose the majority does, oh those normal people!

And the rest, they just bull#@$#. They are all so hideously selfish it makes me want to vomit when I realize the consequences of that. Gimme gimme gimme, money money money, look at my new smart phone, Im so awesome!

And I love the normal opinion on cigarettes, they all drive around spewing toxicity into the air, the cities are blanketed in a piss yellow haze, the water is filthy and intoxicated with numerous substances.

And the humongous sea of alchoholics is amazing in it's size.

I would look a bit closer at your society before I start complaining about your schizophrenic neighbors. What you call acceptable isn't so.

It's like buddha said, it all boils down to three things with you normies, ignorance, greed, and anger.

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replied August 24th, 2011
Active User, very eHealthy
On top of that they are all obsessed with white teeth, and having a nice body.

They could care less that their teeth are horrendous or that their bodies are horrendous dying organisms, as long as it looks good.

They talk about health, but it's sickening because they don't care about it, just looking good really, and being worshipped by apes.
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