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Dealing with girlfriend's eating disorder ?

Well it's been an uphill battle everyday with my girlfriend and her eating disorder which i believe she has.
She is Asian 160 Cm and her weight is 38 kilos about 83 lbs am i over reacting or is it or should it be a concerned? What should be the average weight of a 34 year old girl ? Things i have noticed that occur often, she always has stomach issues and is cold all the time,after we eat she takes a bag full of medicine so she says it's vitamins but i am not convinced.
But when i try to talk about it , she becomes very angry says, i am always blaming her and that, i really like fat girls .Taking the question away from her, and making it seem like i am at fault. Maybe this is not the right place for this type of question so i will apologies upfront .
It's getting a little old the excuses, about what the Dr said she has Atomic nervous disorder what ever that is what she told me.
When we have breakfast and lunch comes around there is always an excuse not to eat or her stomach feels bad . She said she feels nervous every time we meet she is afraid i might ask her if she has lost weight. Should i be concerned or ? Or is it an over active imagination that seems pretty real to me.
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replied August 3rd, 2010
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hi, a hethy waght is done by hight rather than age, i think your girlfriend isprobaly underwaght, it might be anarxia but if she is eating it might be belimia. the best thing is to go carfuly and suport her. but if you are realy consernd talk to your own GP. but if you can encurage her to seek help, from her GP or a specalist or at least to explore treatment for what she says she has.
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replied August 13th, 2010
I am almost exactly the same weight and height as your girlfriend and am in a anorexic inpatient psychiatric hospital with an NG tube. Please talk to her and explain if she doesn't try and get herself a little bit healthier this is where she will end up. Society does not allow people to be too slim, now is the time to change, as I'm sure she doesn't want to be taken away from her home and her family/you/friends for months and months.
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