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Dealing with cramps at work

Normally at home, I goto the bathroom, strip, bring a laptop and blanket and camp out in there on the toilet all day eating tylenols and advils. This can be 2 hours to 12 hours, but normally 1.5 - 4 hours.
I can''t do that at work. my work doesn''t accept doctors notes and that is allowed here where i live so never mind the legal aspect of it, but how do you deal with extreme cramps at work ??? I''m no tallowed to reheat my rice bag every 10 minutes because that would be leaving my desk to often. After tests and docs notes my work says I do not have a medical reason to be off the phones that much (as they do not recognize dysmenorrhea{painful cramps} as an illness unless you have endometriosis which i dont).
So how else do you deal with cramps at work other than pills and heating pads ?
I also got in trouble for being curled up in a ball on my chair (fetla position) because its unprofessional.
Any other coping suggestions?
Thank you !
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replied April 12th, 2011
Re: Cramps at Work
I know this is an older posting, but my goodness, I know what you are dealing with. I am a receptionist at a car dealership, where it is only another cashier and myself that are responsible for answering the phones. So leaving often to use the bathroom every 5 minutes is out of the question. When I get my period, the first day is always the worst, from throwing up to diarrhea and the horrible, horrible cramping pains to go with it. They shoot up my back and down through my legs and my stomach feels like someone is digging around in my insides with a knife. While all of this is happening, I have to keep a straight face and smile all the time to my customers ><

I do not have remedies per say, other then take some kind of pain medicine as soon as the cramps happen, so the meds can kick in as soon as possible. I drink lots of water and tea, if I have it on hand, green tea works best. You should keep ginger in your desk drawer, because I have heard mixing that in water really helps with the cramping.

I wish all women luck when dealing with terrible cramps while at work, it is no picnic.
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replied May 30th, 2018
I usually start taking pain medication as soon as my period starts. I don't bother to wait for the painful cramps to hit me hard. I make sure to take them around the clock during the heaviest flow of my period. That normally helps a lot. Although I can take days off at work, I don't like to be "that woman" that is always out so sometimes you don't have a choice but to stick it out. I really sympathize with women that don't have the option of taking a days off. I hope you're doing much better.
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replied June 3rd, 2018
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You are doing the correct thing. It helps a lot to start the pain meds sooner rather than later. You may even have more success starting to take it a day earlier. Have you considered talking to your doctor about going on birth control? Birth control normally makes your periods lighter, shortewr, less painful and more predictable.

Best of luck!
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