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De-worming of a toddler

I am considering de-worming my three year old and my twenty months old sons. Is it safe to do so? Also, are there physical symptoms that makes you realize that a child needs to be de-wormed? If So, what are the symptoms?
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replied June 22nd, 2012
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Another year-old post unanswered!

Not unusual that kids need deworming due to the sort of stuff they pick up and taste...

Most usually when worming is needed to treat the whole family and not just the kids...

Worms can sometimes be seen on the stool and sometimes the anus though often the only sign is to observe kids scratching the anal area a lot where eggs are stuck and causing irritation.
Wearing close-fitting pyjama bottoms tied with a cord helps prevent re-infection when the kids scratch during the night and transfer the eggs back into the mouth for the cycle to begin again...

Best have a chat with your local pharmacist for advice about treatment methods.
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