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10 days late

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my last period was on the 27th of november, making me due for the 25th of december.
its been 10 days, and im still not on my period. i do have irriegular periods every now and again, were im either 3 days late, or 4 days early, etc. but not usually to the extent of 10 days! i have had sex, but we always use a condom, and we've checked it hasnt split or broken. So im worried as to why im 10 days late, i shouldnt be, but could it be a possibilty im pregnant? im worried.... iv had sore breasts the last cuople days, but thats gone now. and i was sick on the 12th of december (vommited for the first time in 5 years due to over drinking alcohol) so could that vommiting have anything to do with making me 10 days late? any type of info or advice would mean alot xx
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