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15 days late for my period,sore breasts...

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Its been 15 days since i was supposed to start my period, and alas, nothing has come.

I started having sore breasts the week that i was supposed to start my period, but its light, just around the area between my underarm and breasts are sore. I also began to have an increase vaginal discharge around that week but it is slowly disappearing now.Other than those two, i haven't really had any pregnancy symptoms whatsoever.

I just started taking birth control pills last month , and i was wondering if that has anything to do with the fact that I missed my period or a baby is on its way.
I recently ran out of my pills so I'm waiting on whats going to happen until i get my new set.

Me and my boyfriend usually don't use a condom since he never finishes inside, he usually pulls it out a 20-30 seconds before he comes. But this time I'm afraid he might have messed up.
I'm taking a pregnancy test this weekend, would a blood test be more appropriate on a later period in time?

I've been stressing out so much about this since I cant talk to anyone about it, any advice is welcome Sad
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