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9 days late, could I be pregnant or is it my hormones

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I recently had an abortion on Oct 28th, after my abortion I started using the "mini pill". I then had my first period after the abortion on Nov 26. I then had sex in Dec 7th. I was suppose to get my period around Dec 26th. However, my period is now 9 days late, could I be pregnant or is it my hormones out of wack due to the abortion? I've had backpain for the past week, dizzy, cramps, but no period..
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First Helper Msparks90

replied January 4th, 2017
I think you might be pregnant again. And if you are are you going to keep it cause if not you need a better birth control sweetie cause abortion after abortion isn't ok. You might want kids later and won't be able to have them. No judgement sweetie just my advice but I think you are and just take a test. Are you normally late or on time?
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