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4 days late but negative hpt

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My last period was on 22nd Nov 2009, and my cycle is of 32 days, which means I should have my periods by 24th dec or else I am preg.. we have been ttc since 2 months. took 1 test on 18th dec ; negative, another on 22 dec again negative and one I took on 26th dec still negative.
on 15th dec I felt like I am going to have my periods but nothing and then on 24th I had severe back pain.
am I pregnant or not? how long should i wait before taking another test? and when should i consult an obgyn?

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replied December 28th, 2009
Especially eHealthy
AMJay, As soon as your period is officially late, you should take one of the early pregnancy detection kits. Follow the instructions, use the first pee of the day. Repeat the test 7 days later to confirm the results.

If your period is still missing after that and you still feel there is a chance that you can be pregnant, see your doctor for a blood test.

Best of luck!!
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