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4 days late and frequently urinating

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Please I need help well here it goes so last year me and my husband has decided to start trying for another child I have a child and he doesn't well he's not the biological father. But nothing was happing so I went see my ob everything came out ok beside me not having a reg period. So he put me on meds to start it on reg basis and then put me on some other meds I guess to help me ovulate. And still nothing was going on so we decided to get my husband to the doc well his count was low they have him some meds to make it back to normal . Now me and my husband is well but now I'm 4 days late and I'm going to the bathroom at least 2 are 3 times a hr. I had spells as in dry heaving and also one time of spotting now I'm feeling bloated and wanting ice. Took a pregnancy test the day of the missed period but came back neg. can someone please tell me what's going on!!!!
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replied August 15th, 2013
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hmmm..take one on sunday and if still nothing then maybe you have am infection.
the meds have probably missed your period up even more.
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replied August 17th, 2013
Pregnancy test that is available in the markt and often called as home pregnancy test kit wil mostly produce negative result untill 45 days.
So wait until 45 days from the first day of your periods, if you don have your periods till45 days take a ttest again orelse take blood test now itself to know the results
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