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2 day change on ultrasound

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hey all

My LMP was 11-3... Had an u/s 12-22... said I was 6w6d. I had another u/s today. Said I was 8w3d (I would've been 9w on wed. according to 1st u/s). So I dropped 2 days. I am pretty worried...

Dr said baby looks good.. was .79cm long. Saw the hb.. looked good... We even saw the baby moving!! S/he was actually pretty active. I asked what my chances were for miscarrying... she said they were very low. I was diagnosed with a subchorionic bleed last time I went to the dr. I spotted from 5w-7w. It stopped about a week ago. Dr looked for more bleeding... didn't find any, which was good.

Anyways.. has anyone's u/s changed like this? I'm a bit worried... My next appt isn't until Feb. 4th.. I will be 12 weeks then..


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