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dating one guy but i like another?

Kay, so I have known this guy for over a year now. When I first met him, he had a girlfriend. They broke up a few months ago and we started seeing each other. When he had a girlfriend I was madly in love with him you could say, but when we started seeing each other I had ultimately lost my feelings for him. We have discussed this several times, and he keeps saying that my feelings will come back. My family knows that we're seeing each other, but I haven't told them that I am the one that doesn't like them.. Should I end the relationship hardcore or just keep going with it until he goes to college for the Fall year? Also, I happened to have a family friend that is actually my boyfriend's good buddy... I ended up falling for him, so this situation got a ton more complicated.. My family doesn't like my boyfriend, they think he's just using me for sex, but really it's the other way around, I'm trying to not make him sound like the player, but really I am the player in this case.. I feel really bad and I don't want to hurt his feelings because I know he really likes me.. And I don't love him or anything like that, but I do really like having sex with him, which is the sad part, because I just feel like I'm using him anymore... Any tips or advice you could give to me? Thanks, it would help SO much! ~Maddie.
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