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Just now I noticed that my stool was mixed with very dark-like matter. It wasn't "bloody" as far as I know, but instead more similar to some kind of undigested meat such as roast beef. To elaborate, the stool was well build like it normally is, but instead of being fully brown, it was build with some very dark specs attached to the brown ones.

It's not the first time in the past few weeks I noticed this kind of dark stuff, generally it was a pebble in size within the large normal ones. but today was just very exaggerated. My stool as of late has been very undigested. Sometimes having peanut bits, corn bits, or what I'm assuming are tomato bits.

Let me give you a bit more on this past month and a half....

...My metabolism was rocking, I assume it was because of me playing sports for the first time in a year or so, and therefore was having healthy bowel movements maybe twice a day. One day during fall break I played throughout the day without much water, I got cotton mouth and my nose started draining, My diet had also changed temporarily since the cafeteria of my college was closed for a few days. Whenever I could eject something, the stool came out dark chocolate color. This lasted about 5 days, after which it regained the healthy color and I started drinking normal amounts of water.

Since it went back to "normal" I've had every now and then stools that have like a very dark raisin in it. I examined one spec up close (I know, I know) and it seemed very meaty or beefy.

A bit about what I've had regularly over the past month: Roast beef subs, turkey, green beans, potatoes with red skins, carrots, peanuts, granola bars, hash browns and eggs. For example, yesterday I had a decent amount of carrots with turkey. Today my stool had bits of orange-like matter. But it also had a large amount of that raisin-like matter mixed in it.

I'm only 20 and throughout my life I've always had a very fast metabolism, it is very hard to gain weight. So that leaves me going to the bathroom on average once every day give or take depending on how much I've eaten. I'm alarmed and worried, as I'm in one of the worst positions to see a doctor, but I will do the necessary if this sounds bad.

Please and thanks.
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